Setting up Dynamics365 for the First Time

I recently went down the path of purchasing a Microsoft Action Pack so immediately went to setting it up in my pre-existing Office365 Tenant and ran into a few gotchas that might save you some time.

Office365 Business Essentials and Enterprise Plan 1 Licensing

I currently have an Office365 Business Essentials plan but when creating my Dynamics tenant quick realized that my users that were licensed under my Business Essentials license cannot be readily imported into Dynamics365 due to SharePoint plan conflicts.

There is a path to upgrade users through the Office365 Admin, but that’s for another blog.

Setting up Dynamics365

When creating your tenant for Dynamics, it’s not solely about your licenses, but also about creating the actual tenant.  To do this, you need to first navigate down to the Settings section of your Office365 Admin and select “Services & Add-Ins”.  From there you will be presented with the window below where you now create your new tenant simply by clicking “Manager your Dynamics 365 settings”.


From there you will be prompted to go through the same steps that you generally go through when deploying a tenant (perhaps with a different User Interface).


In the above screenshot, I have configured my first tenant to be a Sandbox where I can do my development and mess around with things.  Sandboxes were always there before but are now included with every plan, irrespective of your plan, granting you one free sandbox per client.


As you can see in the above screenshot, my tenant is now listed as a Sandbox and not Production.

Now we can get to doing some coding.


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