Getting Started with Windows IoT

I recently bought a Windows IoT kit from Adafruit and started to play around with it last week.  IoT (Internet of Things) is one of those things that I don’t use during the day job and instead, I’m playing with completely on my own.

I should also note that this is my first foray into doing any work with hardware (apart from working with SDKs that would control switches).

If you are like me and this is completely new and foreign territory to you, start with the tutorials located here.

In setting everything up, I had some initial problems with using the WiFi connect and instead opted for a wired LAN connection so I could rule this out as a possible error.

I am currently running Visual Studio 2017, and even with the latest version, I still had to download the latest IoT Core Project Templates.  Not a crazy extra step, but one you might want to do in advance of running through all the tutorials.


I skipped over the “Getting Started” app as I did not have the correct version of Windows 10 Creator running that created some issues when running the app in Visual Studio.  From a hardware perspective, I was able to get my light to blink, but not on my screen.

From here I played around with the Basic Blinking App and the Internet Radio app which was pretty cool to control from my phone and/or desktop concurrently.

Not much code to show and I debated whether I should blog about something at all, but sometimes it’s not about the oh so magical discovery and instead more about the journey… and that cool blinking light.


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