Site Maps and Custom Entities – Oh My!

You can now create your own groups and areas in Dynamics365 giving you further customization over your user’s experience in the application when accessing your custom entities.

I recently got a chance to play with this and was really impressed with it’s simplicity.

Note: This does not replace the security permissions to your entities which must be in place alongside these changes which are User Interface only.

You can see from my screenshot that you can add new areas (in my case “Custom”), new groups (in my case “My Goodies”) and then Subareas (in my case I dropped in a new custom entity but there are other options here too.


Once done, you can publish direct from this editor.

I’ve highlighted the name of the Sitemap that I’m in, right now this is for Customer Service specifically.  However, if you look at the components of my solution you will see I have imported a few different Sitemaps that will trigger based on the settings of my users.


If you’ve never had to modify a SiteMap before in XML (so sorry, that was loads of fun) to do this, you go to “Client Extensions” in your Solution view and when you select “Add to Existing” you presented with either the SiteMap or Application Ribbon as options.


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