Creating a New area in CRM 2015 – By Hand

Emphasis on the “By Hand”.  I’d previously blogged about how to modify the Site Map in Dynamics365 with some of the new  ribbon editing features very reminiscent of Ribbon Bench (here for reference Site Maps and Custom Entities – Oh My!) – but recently had the pleasure of having to do this in 2015, with no tools.

The modification of the XML customizations.xml file itself wasn’t too bad on it’s own, where things really became complicated was when I wanted to add an image to my area.

Modifying the Customizations.xml File

To create your new Groups and Areas – check out this post that does a great job of walking you through how to export, modify and import the XML file (along with screenshots).

Adding an Image to your Area

Now where things went off the handle was when I wanted to add an image to my new area.  In order to do this correctly, you need to ensure that the following values all line up exactly including the case and extension.  After banging my head against the wall I noticed that my URL for my web resource did not necessarily have the same display name and some of what it was mixed case.  So I deleted the image, re-uploaded and made sure that all three fields highlighted below.


Lined up with the name being entered here.


After I did this, my solution was again able to import without issue and the image was now being consumed.  Let CRM add in your publisher information, no need to modify that.  After having figured this out, I was able to go back and update the image without issue.

Hopefully this saves you some time.

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