Simple Calculated Fields In Dynamics365

Calculated fields have been around in Dynamics for a few years now.  Like anything new though, people can be resistant to change because of perceived complexity.

In it’s simplest form let’s create a new entity with two fields that are comprised of whole numbers.

We will then create a new field of type “Calculated”.

DyanmicsFields2The new window that opens enables me to define the formula (with many pre-built formulas included).  In this case, it’s simple addition, new_value1 + new_value2.

Dynamics3When done and published, I can now create some records where the attribute Combined Value now displays the sum of the specified attributes.


Now if we want to add a little more logic to the view, I could add a condition where we only apply the calculation when Value1 is “12”. To do this, I’d simply modify the condition for the calculated field.


After making this change, my view now appears as follows.



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