Creating a USD Configuration

When getting started with development in the USD (Unified Service Desk), the first thing you have to do is create a configuration profile (otherwise you get an error when you launch the USD).

A configuration profile is what allows you to create many types of USD implementations and associate them to users.  A user can only ever be associated to one profile.


Establishing a base configuration profile is comprised of three parts as indicated below.


The Global Manager is a hosted control which is core of any USD implementation.  The role of this control is load and host all controls related to your configuration, interpreting all controls, rules, toolbar components, scripts and sessions.  A single configuration can only contain one instance of the Global Manager hosted control.

The Connection Manager hosted control type manages connections to the Dynamics365 server, and makes it available to the rest of the agent application.  Theoretically, it would be possible to host an instance of the USD without a Connection Manager, but there would not be significant value to this approach (since it can’t read/write any data to/from Dynamics).

The Panel Layout hosted control defines the arrangement of panels in the Unified Service Desk. Panels can host various controls, and defines the arrangement of various hosted controls of the USD.  There are a number of predefined panel types to support various layout options such as tabbed layout, deck, and stacked layout.  If a Panel Layout type of hosted control is not defined in the application, the default panel layout, Standard Main Panel, is created automatically.

When you have created these three components and associated them to your USD Configuration, you should have a view akin to the following.


Best Practices: If I am implementing a custom USD configuration, whether it’s one configuration or many, I will always prepend all related components with a little descriptor (think CRM Publisher) so that I know what belongs to what when I’m associating components.


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