Dynamics365 App Designer – External URLs

I was working with the App Designer this week in Dynamics365 and ran into an issue where I had created a second area in my sitemap but when I went to look in the app itself, I wasn’t able to see it.

If you’re not familiar with where Areas appear in the new Apps view, your second area will show in the bottom left corner (it’s a little hidden but it’s there).


In my scenario, I had an Area called Tools, but when I went to it I only had one item showing, even though in the designer, I had two and they had all passed validation checks.

I couldn’t figure out why the item called Salesforce wasn’t showing up (yes I see the irony).  When I looked at the URL, I had it configured to show the URL but the URL was represented as www.salesforce.com and not https://www.salesforce.com.

Call it a bug or a failure in the validation process, but when the https (or http) is missing from the URL in that properties window, you will not be able to see that item in your Area in your App.  Worst, if that is the only item in your area, the entire Area will not be shown leading you to believe that you’ve misconfigured something else somewhere.

When this was enabled, boom we were back in business and everything was good to go (as shown below).


If you’re looking for a good post on where to get started with the App Designer, check out this quick post by Abhinav Ranjan, it’s fantastic.


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