The Simplest Dynamics Feature Request

This post is going to have no code and might sound a bit preachy, but I have to get this off my chest because it keeps rearing it’s ugly head.

The new features existing and coming into Dynamics365 are great.  I’ve been spending the last few weeks catching up on some sessions from last year’s Ignite and working with some new features I haven’t had much time for in the past six months.

They are all great and you can see a direction the product is entering.

But here I am, working with a customer to increase their level of adoption with Dynamics inside their company (some rogue groups, it happens, we’ve all been there) and the one thing they ask for…

Can we setup default dashboards for users, groups or teams?

Can we default users to log into a specific app when they sign in based on their user, group or team?

The answer, still, is No.

And here is where things get a bit preachy.

In the Unified Service Desk, you can set up a configuration and target it towards different users in the Contact Centre.


This is great, not only a fantastic way to demo but also a great way to show different groups, using the same platform, same code, not bouncing into one another.

Why can’t we have this kind of configuration with the App Designer?

Why can’t we have this kind of flexibility with Dashboards?

I don’t want to figure out another hacky way to do it.

I want to say – “User A has access to Apps Alpha, Beta & Omega, default to Omega when they login”.  Within the “Omega” App, this user will default to a Leads dashboard while someone else will look at the service dashboard.

I promise I won’t break it, I promise I won’t abuse it.

The big new feature releases are great, but the above, that is what gets 300+ clapping and cheering at a conference when they realize they do get to have nice things after all.

PS – I’d love it if security could all be in one place too and not spread out between App Designer and the old Security module.

K, that’s it.




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