Using the Solution Checker

When building new solutions with PowerApps (and now that Microsoft is strongly encouraging people to push solution infrastructure and usage to the new PowerApps model) you can now take advantage of the Solution Checker.

The Solution Checker is available from the main solution window and allows an administrator to validate a solution before exporting it and avoiding the whole conversations of “but you told me it was done?” that can sometimes happen with Dynamics.


After you run the checker against your solution you are then able to view the results and identify what needs to be fixed (if anything) before the solution is deployed.  No need to keep checking to see if the solution has completed running because when it’s finished, you’ll receive an email as to whether it passed or failed.


To get a better view of the Solution Checker, I wrote some unsupported JavaScript in my solution (see below) and didn’t add it to anything – it’s just there.


Now when I ran the Solution Checker I got the following warnings being displayed that helped direct me to what might be wrong.


A great way to ensure unsupported JavaScript is not being used!

Further information on the Solution Checker is available here.


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