Dynamics365 Development Promotion Model

Following up on my previous post about how to best leverage the Dynamics365 platform, the second question I get asked a lot about it is – how do we promote this stuff between our different environments?

I.e., how do we get A to B without messing up C (or something akin to that logic).  Or rather, where should I deployed managed vs unmanaged solution components?

There are a variety of ways, but for each of the models I mentioned in my previous post (How much are you using your Dynamics Platform) here is what a simple model could look like.


This was built with Dynamics in mind first, but could be extended to PowerApps relatively easily (the usage of purple is completely by accident).

The main purpose of this diagram is to showcase that as you grow your Dynamics365 implementation practice over time, it should be maturing and not just “iterating”.  In this sense, the use of Managed solutions starts to creep in earlier on in the development stage as you scale up your teams to include more team members and your developer cadence needs to follow suit with what you are delivering.

Again if you have any suggestions or opinions for updates, let me know.

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